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Furniture is a focal point of a home. It provides both function and fashion and endures constant use from adults, children and pets too! So much use means wear and fade occurs over time. You can reverse color fade on furniture and comfort-loss with the proper care. That’s where we comes in!

Brandon Carpet Cleaners offers professional upholstery cleaning and our all-natural solutions are safe for all common types of furniture. We then use powerful suction equipment and hot water extraction to remove dust, pet hair, debris and dirt from upholstery for a deep clean that lasts.

The process is very similar to our area rug cleaning and the results are just as amazing! Our service includes:

• On-site analysis to determine proper care
• Vacuuming for loose soil removal
• Specialty cleaning formulas & all-natural products
• Powerful hot water extraction equipment
• Trained & certified technicians
• Low prices for high-quality results
• Satisfaction guaranteed!

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Don’t wait another minute for clean furniture in your home! Schedule an appointment today and experience the best upholstery cleaning in Brandon tomorrow! Our customers agree. See for yourself:

“They were able to clean my 10-year old sofa and recliner in no time! It feels like I have brand new furniture again. Their steam cleaning equipment even removed an old coffee stain on the couch cushion from years ago.” – Juanita Arcia, Brandon, FL

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“I had no idea old furniture could be so clean! Brandon Carpet Cleaners got rid of several stains and dirt on our living room couch and it smells fresh too! Their upholstery cleaning service was a wonderful experience. I definitely recommend it!” – Deborah Stamford, Brandon, FL

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“Wow! I can’t say enough about the great service from Brandon Carpet Cleaners. The technician was prompt and friendly and then cleaned all of the carpet in my home and a very dirty sofa too! I’ve tried other steam cleaners near me and none of them did as good of a job as True Clean.” – Eric Meadows, Brandon, FL


Q. How Often Does Furniture Need Professional Cleaning?

A. The upholstery cleaning schedule will depend on your lifestyle. Do you have children or pets that use the furniture a lot? There are many factors to consider. Manufacturers recommend cleaning every 12-24 months depending on how much the furniture is used.

Q. Do You Offer StainGuard or Protectant?

A. Yes! After we steam clean upholstery we can apply a professional-grade protectant formula to the surface of the furniture to protect it against future stains for several months.

Q. How Long Does it Take for Upholstery to Dry?

A. On average, most upholstery dries within 6-12 hours after our service is over. Sometimes it can be longer if there is poor air circulation in a home or high humidity.

Q. Can You Clean “Dry Clean Only” Furniture?

A. Yes! Do not attempt to clean this type of furniture on your own. Follow manufacturer guidelines and hire a professional upholstery cleaner in Brandon for this type of furniture.

Q. Can You Remove Pet Urine Stains on Furniture?

A. We offer a special pet urine removal service for harmful urine stains on carpet and upholstery. Learn more here.


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