Expert Stain Removal

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Carpet stains happen all of the time. Stains come in the form of mud, food, liquid and more. These stains are unavoidable over time. You can attempt to remove a carpet stain with a damp cloth and warm water but be careful using cleaning chemicals. If a stain is too difficult to remove with water, we recommend hiring a local carpet cleaning service in Brandon.

Brandon Carpet Cleaners offers expert carpet stain removal with professional equipment and all-natural products. There is no carpet stain we haven’t seen before! Our technician analyzes the stain to determine the best method for cleaning it. He then applies the necessary solutions. Then he uses our steam cleaner to extract the liquid from the carpet. We also offer a special pet urine stain removal treatment.

Our process is perfect for common and difficult stains. That includes coffee, wine, nail polish, crayon and more! We’re confident that one call to us is all you need to do for your stain to be gone!

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We have many years of experience removing difficult stains from carpet and upholstery. You can count on us! See what past customers in Brandon have had to say: 

“A guest from a dinner party spilled cranberry juice on our white carpet. I thought the stain was permanent for sure but I called Brandon Carpet Cleaners and they assured me they could clean it. They were right!” – Anne Falco, Brandon, FL

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“My son ran into our living room with muddy soccer cleats on. I tried to clean the mud off myself but it didn’t get much better. Then during a carpet cleaning appointment, the technician was able to remove the mud stains with his equipment. I’m so happy!” – Brenda Gale, Brandon, FL

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“Don’t try to clean a carpet stain yourself! I made that mistake and made a stain much worse. Fortunately, Brandon Carpet Cleaners was able to remove the original stain and the residue from the products I used too.” – Dan Hern, Brandon, FL


Q. Do You Guarantee Stain Removal?

A. We cannot guarantee stain removal if the stain has set into the carpet. If we feel there is no chance we can remove the stain we will inform the customer prior to starting the service. But we have a very good track record.

Q. What is the Most Difficult Stain to Remove?

A. Ink is a very difficult carpet stain. This is because you cannot use water for cleaning ink stains. You need formulas designed just for ink removal.

Q. Do You Charge More for Stain Removal?

A. We do not charge more for stain removal if we can remove the spot during our steam cleaning process. If the stain requires special solutions or techniques there could be an additional cost.

Q. I Thought My Carpet Had StainGuard. Why is There a Stain?

A. Most carpets include a manufacturer’s stain protectant but that wears down after 12 months and sometimes less if the carpet receives a lot of wear and tear.

Q. What Carpet is Most Stain-Resistant?

A. Polyester is one of the most stain-resistant carpets available for purchase and it is one of the cheapest options too. However, it is prone to soiling and should not be installed in high-traffic areas.


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