Why Does Pet Urine Ruin Carpet?


If you have pets and you also have carpets then you probably have seen how animal urine can damage a carpet. This might make you wonder why pet urine stains ruin the carpet. This article will help you understand why and how our pet urine odor removal service can correct the issues.

pet urine stain on carpet

Urine is a combination of a variety of waste products resulting from metabolism. Examples of these waste products include uric acid, cholesterol, urea, and urochrome. Urochrome is the component that makes urine yellow. The concentration and specific elements present in the urine depends on factors such as the animal’s age, nutrition, and health status among others.

Ammonia is responsible for the strong smell on a carpet with pet urine stains. Urea from animal urine is broken down into ammonia. Cat urine has a higher concentration of ammonia compared to urine from other animals because cats do not take water. Let’s say a cat urinates on the carpet and you don’t clean it immediately and adequately. What will happen is that the water present in the urine will evaporate. You will be left with a stronger concentration of ammonia.

Urine comes in contact with various components which make it dangerous and that’s why it damages your carpet. When an animal’s body releases urine, the urine travels along the urethra where it might encounter bacteria, it also comes in contact with the pet’s skin as it comes out and when it lands on the carpet, it gets in contact with the microorganisms that are in there.

The urine will then be warm and acid, and this environment attracts bacteria which start breeding in the carpet. The bacteria release gases and these also create an unpleasant smell on your carpet.

Individuals with a healthy immune system are not severely affected by pet urine stains. You can have watery eyes, sinusitis, your airways can be inflamed or you can develop allergies. All these can be a bit uncomfortable. However, the effects are worse for people whose immune systems are compromised.

Examples of these people include infants, seniors or individuals who have weak immune systems courtesy of medication and illnesses. The bacteria found in pet urine can create complex health issues.

When animal urine gets on the carpet, it changes from being acid to becoming alkali. The process of ammonia creation continues as enzymes break down urea in the urine. The combination of ammonia and the acidic urine results in the formation of alkaline salt crystals.

Air is usually full of moisture, and the salts get the air to help them become slightly moist and chemically active. The process of ammonia production will continue provided the salts remain active. When the urine salts dry, ammonia gas will not be produced and the smell from the carpet will lessen.

However, if the urine salts come in contact with water again, they will become moist, and ammonia will be produced. That is why the smell of animal urine is stronger during the cold or rainy season. You might also notice a stronger smell after cleaning the carpet because you have provided the moisture needed for ammonia production.

The size of the pet urine stain you see on the carpet is not its actual size. The stain usually appears smaller on the surface while it is about 2-3 times as big below the surface.

You might be surprised to realize that your carpet padding has been soaked from just some ounces of urine. It can even seep into the floor below the carpet padding. Animal urine is strong, and it can spread from the floor whether it made of wood or cement.

That is why it’s advisable to clean up animal urine as soon as possible. If you don’t then you may have to replace your subfloor because of rotting.

If you have ever dealt with pet urine stains then you know that it’s not a walk in the park. The stains usually have a yellow color. How successful you will be at removing the stains relies on how much time you took before cleaning.

If you let pet urine to seep into the carpet fibers for a long time, repeatedly then you might have a problem getting rid of the stains and the odor. If the damage is extensive, carpet cleaning companies might charge you more.

This is because they would have to use unique cleaning solutions to get rid of the animal stains. Besides that, it might also take them longer to finish the carpet cleaning process compared to if they don’t have to deal with pet urine stains. Brandon Carpet Cleaning Brothers can clean carpet and remove pet stains and odor. Find out more on our homepage.