Pet Urine Stain Removal

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Pet “accidents” happen all of the time. Dog owners clean up pee and waste several times if house training a puppy. This happens in homes with older dogs too. We love our pets but the messes are no fun. Especially if an accident occurs on carpet or upholstery.

Don’t attempt to remove pet urine stains on your own. These stains often cause permanent damage. You need to call a local carpet cleaner in Brandon right away.

Brandon Carpet Cleaners provides a special service just for pet urine stains. You won’t find this service from anyone else! Our technician first applies a unique cleaning solution to the stains on your carpet or furniture. This solution targets and attacks urine. He then performs steam cleaning methods we use for carpet and upholstery cleaning  to extract the solution, residue, dirt and urine from the surface. Our service includes:

• Blacklight inspection to identify urine stains
• Special cleaning formula specifically for pet urine
• Hot water extraction & powerful suction equipment
• Professional odor removal 
• Experienced technicians & friendly service
• Satisfaction guaranteed!

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Pet urine problems? We are here to help! Call now and request our special pet urine removal service to eliminate harmful urine stains and odors in your home. See what other customers say about the service:

“Our golden retriever puppy peed all over several rugs in our home. We called Brandon Carpet Cleaners and now the stains are gone and the rugs smell fresh and new. Call True Clean if this happens to you!” – Meredith Trapper, Brandon, FL

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“We have an older dog and it is starting to have accidents on our carpet a lot. We have them on speed dial. Their technicians remove the stains and odors every time. Thank you, True Clean!” – Barbra Godsend, Brandon, FL

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“I own a rental property in Brandon and my tenant’s dog peed all over the carpeting on the stairs to the second floor. I couldn’t afford new carpet for the unit so I tried Brandon Carpet Cleaners and I am so happy I did! The pee is gone and now I don’t need to purchase new carpet for awhile.” – Derek Travis, Brandon, FL


Q. Why Are Pet Urine Stains a Problem?

A. Pet urine stains are acidic and can cause permanent damage to carpet, rugs and even flooring beneath. Pets will continue to urinate on the same spot over and over and saturate the area unless the stains and odor are removed.

Q. Should I Try DIY Pet Urine Stain Removal?

A. We do not recommend attempting to clean pet stains with DIY methods. These stains need professional equipment and solutions for effective removal.

Q. Is Your Process Safe for Pets?

A. Yes! All of our residential cleaning services feature all-natural products and solutions approved by the FDA. Your pets are not in danger during our treatment.

Q. What Carpet Do You Recommend for Pets?

A. The best type of carpet for pet owners is nylon. Nylon is a synthetic material and it is very durable and stain-resistant. Install nylon carpet in the rooms your pet spends most of its time.

Q. Do You Use a Blacklight in Your Service?

A. We do! We find that blacklight analysis is the best way for our technician to identify all instances of pet urine in carpet and upholstery.


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