How to Reduce Wear & Tear on Carpet


A good carpet should last 10-15 years or more if cared for. That includes hiring carpet cleaners each year. Here are some more tips on how to reduce wear and tear on carpet in your home: 

muddy footprints on carpet

Carpets are exposed to wear and tear over time, and there is nothing we can do to eliminate this process. However, there are things we can do to significantly reduce the amount of wear and tear and increase the lifespan of our carpets. Here are some tips on how to go about it.


We all have different opinions when it comes to whether or not we should walk on carpets with shoes. You may have your reasons for having your shoes on while stepping on your carpet.

However, shoes carry plenty of dirt and debris from the places we step on, and some of it gets on the carpet. The dust and debris contribute to staining and a lot of mess which require frequent cleaning. Some of the mess might not even come out and with time. The soil makes your carpet look dull, and the dirt grinds away at the carpet fibers.

These processes increase the amount of tear and wear on your carpet. Therefore, you should learn to leave your shoes at the door.


We cannot stress enough on how vital it is to vacuum your carpet frequently. If you have children or pets, then you should clean about twice or thrice every week. If you have neither then maybe you can vacuum less.

Check your vacuum cleaner, make sure it is in excellent condition and put it to work. Regular vacuuming will help to keep your carpet clean and looking great. You will not see wear and tear on it compared to a dirty carpet.


Regular vacuuming of your carpet is a great idea. However, you need the services of professional carpet cleaning companies once in a while. Vacuuming takes care of dirt and debris that is on the surface of the carpet.

You need to get rid of all the dirt that is deep in your carpet fibers too if you want to minimize wear and tear on your carpet. Professional carpet cleaners have equipment that will do this. They also have unique cleaning solutions to remove stains on your carpet and even improve the health of your home.

Besides, you will also be fulfilling a requirement of your warranty stated by your manufacturer. You can hire professional carpet cleaners once every six months, or one year or 18 months. Learn more here:


Foot traffic causes a lot of wear and tear on carpets. Feet also bring in dirt which is stored in the areas of the carpet they step on. That is why you need to rotate the furniture to avoid exposing one area or specific areas to constant foot traffic.

If your room is arranged in such a way that it is possible for you to move the furniture then ensure to do this regularly. Experts recommend rotating furniture every six months. The carpet will also wear evenly with time compared to if you don’t move furniture.

These steps will help your carpet to be in excellent condition for a more extended period.