Eco-Friendly Flooring

Go Green in Your Home!

People used to associate the term eco-friendly with dull and boring materials and this included flooring options. However, things have changed, and designers are working with manufacturers to ensure that people have access to beautiful flooring options to choose from. Learn about eco-friendly flooring below:

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Here are some flooring options that are environmentally friendly:


Many homeowners are not familiar with cork flooring because cork has been used on walls and bottles of wine for years. The cork oak tree provides the cork material which is derived from the bark of the tree itself. You do not need to cut down the cork oak tree to get the cork. All you need to do is harvest the bark, and it will grow back again after three years.

Therefore, this flooring option does not tamper with the environment. According to HGTV, cork flooring is great for your home because of its anti-microbial properties which reduce the number of allergens in the house. This material naturally repels insects and is easy to maintain.

The best part about this flooring is that it can serve you for about 10-30 years before wearing out. There is little wear and tear. Also, it can be painted in a variety of colors so you can make it suit your color scheme or interior décor. This material is soft to step on, and it is also fire retardant.


If you are looking for a green option to replace vinyl flooring, then linoleum is an excellent choice for you. Linoleum comes from natural resins and cork fibers. This flooring is ranked high on the list of eco-friendly options. Linoleum comes from sustainable sources. When it is exposed to wear and tear, linoleum wears excellently compared to other materials.

The material does not have any harmful chemicals, and you can have your linoleum flooring for even 40 years before replacing it. However, sometimes it gouges, but this issue can be solved by having guards beneath the legs of your furniture. Linoleum is resistant to water and retardant to fire. It is also a very good flooring choice for homes with pets as pet urine stains will not be a problem. Linoleum exists in several bright colors and also has a sealer which provides it with protection from stains.


More people are discovering the fantastic properties of bamboo flooring. Bamboo is a type of woody grass which grows back quickly and therefore it is sustainable building material. Bamboo will give you a very natural wood-look. You can get bamboo flooring in various colors and styles. It requires similar maintenance as wood flooring. This flooring option is long lasting and easy to maintain. Installing it is also an easy process. One disadvantage of bamboo flooring is that it gets scratches and dents because it is more of softwood.


There’s a possibility that your subfloor may be made from concrete. When you first look at the concrete floor, you may not think of it as a green option, but it is. It is mainly considered green if we are talking about your subfloor and not putting on new concrete. The finish you give your floor will determine how green it is. For example, polished concrete affects the environment in a very minimal way.

You can go with low VOC paints if you choose to paint it because it will give off very little off-gassing. When you retain your existing concrete slab, you will be doing yourself a favor because the concrete will keep off allergens from your home. You can use this flooring option for a long time while giving it minimal maintenance. It can be uncomfortable stepping on the concrete floor because it is very hard.