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Brandon Carpet Cleaning Brothers recommends deep cleaning carpet once every 12 months. If it’s been over a year since the last time someone cleaned your carpet, call us for a FREE estimate or use our online form. Our service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and is considered “the best in Brandon!” by our customers.

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Our technicians are trained and experienced in professional carpet cleaning to remove dirt, bacteria and contaminants from the carpet in your home. We use hot water extraction and steam cleaning methods for superior and safe results our customers love! Brandon Carpet Cleaning Brothers is a IICRC certified company. IICRC certification provides peace of mind to customers and ensures you’re hiring a qualified and quality carpet cleaner.

You can learn more about our business on our homepage. Continue reading for information on our steam cleaning process:

• Steam cleaning method eliminates dirt & bacteria
• Service includes all-natural products for a healthy clean
• Certified technicians take pride in their work
• Fair prices for superior results our customers love
• Years of experience to guarantee satisfaction
• Flexible scheduling to accommodate your needs

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“I scheduled steam cleaning from the Brandon Carpet Cleaning Brothers. I’m very happy with the service I received. Everything looks great!” – Jenny L., Brandon, FL

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“Our carpet looks almost brand new! I can’t believe it.” – Julie A., Brandon, FL

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“This is the only carpet cleaning company in Brandon to call. They’re professional and friendly too! Give them a call.”Carol P., Brandon, FL


Q. How Do You Clean Carpet?

A. We use a popular method called steam cleaning. This method features hot water extraction to remove dirt and particles from deep under the surface. Then our all-natural products combine to pull dirt from the fibers before we extract it with our powerful suction equipment. The CRI recommends steam cleaning.

Q. Should I Vacuum Before Cleaners Arrive?

A. We recommend routine vacuuming multiple times each week. It is not necessary to vacuum directly before our technician arrives. We will vacuum if it is needed and our equipment also creates powerful suction throughout the service.

Q. How Long Does Carpet Cleaning Take?

A. The length of the appointment will depend on the total square feet we clean and its current condition. On average, a basic appointment requires no more than 1-2 hours from start to finish.

Q. Do You Move Furniture?

A. Yes. Brandon Carpet Cleaning Brothers will move furniture during the service. This includes couches, chairs and side tables. We recommend clearing off tables and moving smaller items to ensure everything is in a safe place prior to our arrival.

Q. How Long Does it Take to Dry?

A. Typically, each room will be dry within a couple of hours after our service. However, factors like humidity and temperature can impact the amount of time necessary to dry. We recommend not walking on it until it is 100% dry and to not allow pets in the room until that time as well.


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Let’s separate the facts from the fiction. Here are some common myths debunked:

Myth#1: Too Often

It’s a common belief that if you hire a shampooer too often, you will ruin your floor. This is not true. Dirt deteriorates carpet. Professional steam cleaning removes particles that contribute to wear and tear. Therefore, keep your floor in the best condition as much as you can, including vacuuming.

Myth#2: Wet for Days

Don’t worry about wet floors for days after cleaning. The truth is that it will only be wet for a couple of hours then it will dry up. In fact, if you hire us, the time will be even less.

Myth#3: Only for Stains

The truth is that with time, dirt builds up under the surface and you might not notice. You shouldn’t wait for stains to appear on the surface. Dirt underneath damages the pad and fibers.

Myth#4: Cheaper is Better

You should know that excellent home services do not come cheap. So the belief that cheap steam cleaners are the best for carpet cleaning is a not true. If you would like to keep your floor in excellent condition all year, call the best service near you. You won’t be disappointed.

Myth#5: New Carpet

For homes, it’s recommended you plan to hire steam cleaners on a regular basis whether your floor is new or old. Stains, dirt, dust and food particles build up, whether old or new. There are also volatile organic compounds (VOCs) after installation.

Leaving a new carpet uncleaned for several months or even more than a year because it’s new will decrease its lifetime and leads to VOCs in your home.

Is there another myth we missed? Give us a call. We will debunk it for you!


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